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[Scanlations] わいわいっ☆ Hey! Say! JUMP Volume 1 Chapters 1-11

Tags: ☀ wai wai hey!say!jump, ★ scanlation, ♪rin
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Thank you~
thanks a lot for this!
love you all so much! ^^
I can only imagine how cute this manga will be in English. :D

Hopefully they reprint in English, though I doubt it. Thanks!!
this looks cute. ^^
will be downloading, thanks !
THANK YOU! I'm really want cry, when I download..^^
they are so cuuute..and adorable.
taking~ thank you so much~
thank you and your friend

I'll take it ne~
Thank you for this....^o^ I can finally read this....^o^
Thank you ssoooooooooooo much!
thank you
I'm downloading this! Hontou arigatou yoo! I tried to find this Manga in my country's bookshop but wont find it. im sooo happy! LOVE YOUUUU!
thank you for this ^^
I'm really curious about the content~
than you very much.....^_^
Arigatou gozaimasu~~
thank you ^^
Aww~ Thank you so much for translating <3

Taking ne~
taking. thank youuuu :*
This is really CUTE! HSJ in manga style~
Thanks for sharing.
very cute Jump <3
it's so wonderful
hontouni arigatou xD~
Saw a picture of the cover and really wanted to read it cuz they all looked adorable, but couldn't find any trans of it... Til now!!
Thanks haha taking~
thank you so much!!!
thank you so much for sharing ^^
Woah, thanks so much.
Was looking for that.
omgggg! i'm looking for this thank you v much :)
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