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[Scanlations] わいわいっ☆ Hey! Say! JUMP Volume 1 Chapters 1-11

Coffee Club Scanlations presents...

わいわいっ☆ Hey! Say! JUMP Volume 1
Chapters 1-11

Download links:

.RAR file
.ZIP file


☆ hanarok  for the raws
☆ strawberryrin  for the scanlations
☆  Fonts used from daFont

Important Reminders:

☆ Please do not claim as your own. Please do credit kouhi_kurabu  when re-posting
☆ My scanlations are not always accurate so please feel free to correct me :3 But please do it nicely ^^;;;

Enjoy! ♥
Chapters 12-19 are on their way! :3

Also, comments are nice. We'd love to hear from our members. ♥
Tags: ☀ wai wai hey!say!jump, ★ scanlation, ♪rin
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First! :)
Thanks guys!
This looked absolutely adorable, wonder what it's like inside? ^_^
We hope you enjoy reading! :)
yay!! (^O^)/
thank you so much~♥♥♥
You're very much welcome! :3
I know you must be translated this!
thanks! <3
You're welcome! ^^
will not credit.~ XDD

*cause i wont repost this.xp
ihu DX
no more food for you next time =A=)


7 years ago

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7 years ago

Geehh!!! Thx you so much for this!! XDD *hugs
Yay! Thanks alot <3
Thank you so much for this :D
Scanlation!! \m/
*hugs & kisses*

btw, nice to see the new layout. . X3b
sorry if its not new, I've just seen it now, last time I visited it was still K-on ahaha ^^')
Kyaaaaa!! Thank you very much!
Actually I already dl the raw.... but don't quite understand much XDDD
Thank you very much!
aww~ they look so cute~ :D
thanks for sharing !!
Wow! Thanks for these! :)
thank you :3 <3
Thanks, taking :D
Thank you so much!!! I've always wanted to read them!!
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